India Daily Gold Silver Prices

India Daily Gold Silver Prices   Category- Banking and finance Description- In daily life, there is very imp to know daily updates of silver and gold prices per grams. It is a simple app to know today’s gold and silver prices in India. It is good app as compare to others. This app gives you [...]

Google Calendar

  The Calendar Category- Productivity Description You want to save your any private data, any reminds; you can save with the calendar app. It is a free android app. This app displays events from your Google accounts that synchronize with your android device. Attractive and colorful UI. This app works as same your mobile calendar, [...]


Productivity app, Use  Professionally. Penultimate created by Evernote. Handwrriting app for iPad. This app gives you natural experience of  writing on paper. You can write and draw anything like your paper works and you can share every notes with your friends anywhere. Description Penultimate gives you ability to write and any drawing in iPad like [...]


  Productivity app. Used for young generation, basically employees, used professionally. It is free app in store. Evernote works as your diary. You write your thoughts, any lists, reminders in your diary. It gives you store your notes, files, photos, reminders etc. Evernote is useful for your personal and professional life too. ·       Description- Evernote [...]


Robo5 is a puzzle game. Robo5 is an interesting puzzler which is easy to understand and simple to control but it offers a lot of challenges. It is grade A puzzle game that should delight fans and is well worth a purchase. Have a fun.     Description Robo5 is a 3D action puzzle game, [...]

Pill Finder

Sometimes we forget the use of any tablets which is in our home. Then this app is used to find what type of tablet is it and for what it’s useful. As a home health nurse this app is super helpful. Access a wealth of  information. Totally free app, easy to use, for iOS. Description [...]

MAgic Fluids

Magic Fluids  Using this app, you can set magic fluids as live wallpaper in your device.  Playing with pictures. It is totally free app for android device. Gives you fluid animation, you can touch the screen and create wonderful motions. . Smoke(gas) and water (liquid) animations. It is endless, effects and fantastic.   Description- Fluid [...]

Ice Age Village

  it’s a game. Useful for all generation Ice age village app is compatible with iphone and ipads, optimized with iphone5. Description Ice age app is greatest famous app on apple store. It is funny and charming game. Graphics and animations, characters are same like in movie-‘Ice age’, have wonderful journey. It is free. If [...]

Vith U

VithU  is promote by TV channel V.  TV show Gumrah is support this app. It is for women’s safety. It is an emergency app. Best safety app Keeps you secure and updated. In this app, you click the power button of you Smartphone 2 times consecutively. At the click of power button begins sending out [...]

Smart tool for Andoid

  Category- Useful for everyone Smart Tools is free app for android device. Having many sets for tools.  Using this app you can easily calculate your mathematics. Very useful app for Smart life.     Description- Smart Tools is a complete package of  5 app sets. It provides you 15 tools.  Easily measure anything within [...]